UK shipping types are available and checkout should be working

I don't have auto-selection of the right type of shipping options set up at present, but there are choices for Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class for up to 1.7kg orders, and ParcelForce for up to 4.5kg. It won't make the 1.7kg options disappear if your order is larger than that just now, so have a look.

(I can give Paypal part-refunds after the fact or issue extra invoices if you need a type of shipping that isn't listed, or if you accidentally pick the wrong one).

If you have any problems, email

Site progress


I am re-adding all the products to my new site. The layout is not finalised and may change in small or large ways.

Shipping types are not set up yet, so you won't be able to check out.

If I start getting a lot of spam account signups I may temporarily disable account creation until that is sorted out.