SNO 637 Orchid milky way 6-8mm


6-8mm diameter Lauscha orchid milky way rods. This colour was a limited edition from April 2008 and I picked up the last they had in stock. When it's gone, it's gone.

You can see some original tests by Carol Anne Beckman of Lauscha orchid 637 here. Carol Anne was artist-in-residence at Lauscha until the end of July 2010.

(Note: FlameDame in the US has orchid listed as 632. I do not know if hers is exactly the same glass as this, but it is similar)

The milky way colours become opaque with heat and most of them are reactive with silver.

To keep the milky way colours translucent, reduce them just before putting them in the kiln. You can do this selectively for interesting effects.

Working them cool and at the end of the session so they go in the kiln last can also help keep them translucent.

Average weight per rod: 26g.

SNO 637 0 0608