SNT 259 Supernova 6-8mm


6-8mm diameter Lauscha supernova rods. Also known as Earthblue. This is a silver reduction glass. The rods are a very dark transparent blue-purple, and with no special treatment the glass will remain this way. This colour can also be used as a base for other silver glass.

Note: supernova doesn't give you a surface lustre like Double Helix colours. It can be stormed (see Amy Kinsch's tutorial Taking Silver Glass by Storm). It storms to a green-blue colour, and so far I have found it looks best over red or purple. A blue base makes it appear yellower.

Otherwise, reduce it hot (let the bead glow when reducing, it doesn't take long) and encase for best results.

Average weight per rod: 44g.

SNT 259 0 0709