SNO 310 Alabaster blue 4-8mm


4-8mm diameter Lauscha alabaster blue rods. I picked up the very end of a batch to see what this is like. Sold by the rod only.

These rods are 25cm long rather than 33cm.

This is a lovely colour: as a spacer it almost looks encased, with a more opaque, lighter core, and a translucent darker blue surface with some variation. This is also visible in the etched spacer. I didn't have any trouble with boiling or burning, and I'm going to check compatibility with non-alabaster colours. (Effetre alabasters are notorious for being difficult to work and not being compatible with anything else - so far, this is a much nicer animal). It's a fairly stiff colour.

Average weight per rod: 22g

SNO 310 0 0408