SNT 100 Clear 8-10mm


8-10mm diameter Lauscha clear rods. Beautiful optical clarity.

I find this very useful for implosions - the larger rods and reasonable stiffness are exactly what you want.

If you're on a Hot Head or find this stiffer than you like, you may wish to try the soft clear instead.

This is Lauscha's reformulated clear - all their standard clear since mid-2007 has been the new formula.

This clear is compatible with silver glass, but as always it is wise to make test beads first before creating a large number of sets. Do not use if you are annealing at lower temperatures to keep your silver glass colours. (For examples of use with silver glass, have a look through the SE7 Silver Glass Exchange on Lampwork-Etc).

Average weight per rod: 57g.

SNT 100 0 0810