SNT 258 Blueberry 6-8mm


6-8mm diameter rods of Lauscha blueberry. This is a bluer version of supernova that contains more silver, so is easier to get reactions from. (After experimenting with this, I can now get better results from supernova too!). Batch date 14/06/12.

It likes to be reduced hot, unlike Double Helix colours. That is, keep it in the reducing flame until the bead glows, then let it cool and encase. It looks best encased if you want blues - unencased you will get a wispier, darker result. You can also melt it in a slight reducing flame as you apply the glass to the mandrel.

Gravity swirl it in a reducing flame for a darker more organic surface look, with bronzes.

When stormed, it will look very similar to supernova. I blogged various batches of blueberry that I was testing. Have a look there if you want to see me learning to use it! Not all the results are pretty...

Average weight per rod: 37g

SNT 258 0 0608