S900 Black Metallic


These rods are shorter at 25cm and range from 2-6mm diameter. Lauscha black metallic is a purple black that spreads, webs when superheated, and will develop a gunmetal surface shine if you waft it in a neutral or oxidising flame. (Reducing will remove the sheen again).

Webbing this colour on top of white or anise gives quite a different effect from CIM Hades or Effetre intense black: the webs will be purple, and the surface sheen on top of the light base will appear bronze.

A little of this goes a long way!

Note: this colour isn't suited for fine stringer work - even a very fine stringer will spread easily.
(In my photos it is sometimes labelled Lauscha deep black or intense black: it's the same glass. There was a second 'no silver' batch that also went silver but with a little more effort - mine is the 'silver' batch).

Average weight per rod: 6g