SNT 095 Silver crystal 6-8mm


6-8mm diameter rods of Lauscha silver crystal. This is another silver glass from Lauscha that gives some lovely ethereal iridescence. Use it over some kind of base colour, otherwise it will tend to look yellow.

Reduce it hot, i.e. get the bead just glowing while you reduce (this doesn't take long), then let it cool and encase it. If you reduce too much, you'll get beige and black streaks. It needs a lighter hand than blueberry or supernova. It seems easy to encase without worrying about losing the effect.

If you have any, it looks particularly good over limited edition CiM colours like obsidian, emerald city and auburn. With dark lavender it gives a subtler transparent sheen. Over black and cobalt it will look bluer. The SNT 040 deer brown (rose tea) brings out pinker hues.

Average weight per rod: 28g

SNT 095 0 0608